Sunday, December 03, 2006


eavesdropped: P6

“Yung kuya Randy mo, saan ba nya tinago yung typewriter?”

“Dun po sa cabinet, sa taas.”

”Kaninong kabinet?”

”Sa kabinet po nya.”

”Sa kabinet ng kuya Randy mo?”


”Eh yung penchum 6 na laptap, hindi ko na nakikita.”

”Andun din po sa kwarto nya.”

”Sabihan mo yang kuya Randy mo na ingatan nya yung Laptap. Mahal ang bili ng daddy nya dun.“

The 40 year old tita jumped to the next topic that swam in her head: the ref and how to save money by opening it less. Her companion, a thin teenager with the patience of a 40 year old man, just listened on.

Pentium 4 was released last November 2000. As of November 2007, no processor with the name Pentium 6 has been released (the same goes for Pentium 5). The teenager in the conversation knows this but then he loves his tita so that’s that.

curiosity killed the cat:

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