Monday, October 22, 2007



So many months ago, I rode a bus at Cubao with Alabang as the destination. I saw the conductor and settled my fare, all P45.00, and I proceeded to sit comfortably in the air conditioned safety of the bus. Then, an opportunity presented itself: some guy vacated a prime spot and so I stood up and occupied his chair. Minutes later I realize the magnitude of my mistake.

My bus tickets were gone.

My bus tickets were gone, five minutes into the 2 hour trip and I had lost my tickets. I tried thinking of my options:

Plan A: look bad ass and hope that the conductor doesn’t ask me about my tickets
Plan B: tell the conductor that I lost my tickets
Plan C: go down and ride another bus

I am so lame. I chose Plan C because I know I can never pull off A and B. So I go down in Star Mall in Mandaluyong. I ride another aircon bus and I curse myself for being a wuss.

Then, yesterday, a variation happened:

The conductor gets my fare, he gives me tickets but before he gets to give me change he leaves and goes back to the drivers side to hand him toll money. The conductor goes back to me and asks: “My ticket ka na?”. I say yes, and then he leaves.

I’m thinking, what about my change?

So I say to myself, ill just bug the dude when he walks back to the driver after collecting everyone’s fare at the back of the bus.

In minutes, he walks back and I try to catch him but he just walks so fast so damn.

So I say to myself, ill just ask for my change when I go down the bus. 30 minutes later, here we go.

Humbly: “Bossing, wala pa ako sukli.”

Irately: ”Saan ka ba nakaupo?”

Humbly: ”Doon sa may gitna.”

Irately: “Patingin ng ticket mo.”

I hand him my tickets. I’m getting nervous.

Irately: “san ka galling?”

Humbly: “Ayala. 100 yung pera ko.”

Irately: “O bakit P30 yung ticket mo!?”

Irately: “Aba ewan, ikaw nagbigay sakin nyan eh. P29 lang dapat!?”

The conductor hands me my change. From a hundred, I should’ve gotten P71.00, instead I get P70.00. Screw it, he can have the rest of my change, all 100 centavos of it!

My precocious New Years resolution for 2008: always pay exact fare in the bus.

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