Wednesday, April 04, 2007



Drip torture definition from Wikipedia:

“… the torture results from the slow rate of water dripping on the victims forehead. The victim can almost predict when the next drop will fall, and a sense of tension builds up. When the drop finally does fall, a sense of shock and relief follows, only to be replaced with more tension about the next drop. The release of tension (no matter how small it is) prevents the victim from withdrawing inside himself. Drip torture does not require interaction on the part of the torturer, it can be done continuously.”

This morning, while riding the bus, I became the subject of drip torture. There was an overly big aircon duct above me which dripped condensed water to my head. This morning’s trip to work was probably the worst bus ride I have ever experienced. Below is a summary:

1. The timing of the drip had no pattern. It wasn’t “one drop to the head every 3 minutes”. It was X drop/s every X minutes. See Drip Torture definition above for why this sucks.

2. Apathy. I informed the conductor about the problem. He pretended to think about it and moved on. I reminded him again, and again he pretended to give a damn. When I got down I gave him the evil eye. The guy just looked down and again he pretended: “he does not exist”.

The dude didn’t bother to fix the dripping aircon duct because tomorrow he will be randomly assigned to another bus by the operator. In the end: why fix something that won’t be his problem tomorrow.

3. There is no escape. I tried moving my head away from the drip which in return, exposed my back. Fucker.

In the end, I realize, that I could’ve said to the conductor: “Ayusin mo muna bago kita bayaran”, but then he would’ve said “Bayad ka muna bago ko ayusin”. Chicken and egg arguments go nowhere so I also realize that it’s good that I didn’t say a word about payments and repairs.

I guess we all get bad days. The better you are at forgetting them, the sooner you get to the next good thing in your life. Yeah.

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