Monday, May 15, 2006



”sorry po, hindi na po mauulit..”

”hindi na talaga mauulit ang ginawa mo.”


”heto tangapin mo.”

(man hands girl envelope)

”last pay mo yan. mag mula ngayon hindi ka na dito magtratrabaho.”

“wag po. kelangan ko po ang trabahong ito.”

“pasensya ka na ija at ngayon ang last day mo. wag ka nang papasok bukas.”

odd. everyone is glued to the Koreanovella on the television. I nudge my friend with my elbow and tell him that the girl on the TV just got fired. my friend, in reply, snorts in my general direction.

next scene:

the girl moves along on a sidewalk. problems rushing all around her head. she brings out her last pay, someone bumps her from behind and she accidentally drops all her money. gusts of wind follow. the girls money scatters all around. the man next to me exclaims:

“kawawa naman!”

I look at my friend. he is half asleep.

Its 10 am in the morning, Saturday. outside, Tropical Storm Caloy relentlessly lashes at everything; the trees bow to its fury, the roads are littered with debris. In a corner, under an overpass is a man sipping coffee from an immaculate white styro cup.

I guess the bus can really blot out reality sometimes. and I love it.

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