Friday, July 14, 2006


film review: So Close

The best thing about bus movies is when they start as you sit down. And the best thing about this is when the movie you chance upon kicks off with a bang. Okay, here’s the low down of So Close in 50 words or less:

Lin and Sue are cute and sexy assassin sisters. They kill someone but then the
criminals who hire them want to kill them too. Then there’s this chic cop who
wants to bring them in. In the end, the sisters, with the help of the chic cop,
kill their pursuers.
I know I know. What a vague 50 words or less nut shell. But hey, seriously, with movies like this, you don’t really look at the plot. It’s the action scenes that you gun for pure and simple. But then please consider the three things that I will point out below as the main elements that make So Close such a wonderful chic-keng-fwoo-film:

the watch. look at yours. it’s downright pathetic compared to the watch worn by one of the assassin sisters. watch the movie to really know why.

surveillance manipulation. Big Brother don’t know shit. a backgrounder is in order: some dude invented a way of hacking into any surveillance camera on earth which he aptly called (drum roll) World Panorama. He tried selling this invention to the authorities, but was turned down. Suspiciously, the underworld got wind of the World Panorama. They tried to aquire it and when the inventor turned them down, he got, killed. The dude is the dad of the two chic assassins whose brutal killing they witness when they were young. this is how scars are made.

imagine such crazy power: you can hack into any surveillance camera. you can mess with any video surveillance system. you can knock on big borthers house, ask to see the dude and say: you don’t know shit.

“everybody loves kung fu fighting!” – carl douglas / 1974. yeah. kung fu fighting chicks rock. there’s a reason why Tomb Raider made it so big despite having a girl lead, and its because guys love girls who can fend for themselves. with So Close, the girls kick ass and they do it with so much motherly mercy: instead of beating the crap and shooting a bad guy in a fatal area, they beat the crap and shoot the bad guy in the leg. it’s kung fu love at its finest.
So Close is a good bus film, and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. pretty Chinitas who can kick ass. It’s a no brainer my friend.

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