Monday, August 14, 2006


film review: Fist of Fury

Bruce Lee walks by a wooded trail while eating chips. His path is blocked by a fence. First he looks, then he does a 2 second assessment and then with no fear, he does a short sprint towards the wall and jumps. On the other side, he is met with the main bad guy of the film along with his thugs. Bruce Lee threatens them all. The thugs, being thugs, mindless and all, they rush to Bruce hoping to pound the beeejeeezuz out of him. Bruce furiously eats his chips and beats them all up with elegant kung fu. The Evil Boss is next. Chips are thrown aside. They fight and in the process, three things happen to Bruce:

1. He gets a knife wound on the cheek
2. His shirt gets torn off
3. His anger increases ten fold after being subjected to verbal abuse

Don’t worry, these things always happen to Bruce. He’s used to it. Either way, Bruce wins in the end and similar to our movies, the cops arrive after all the fighting has been done.

I have to admit, this would be the first time I’ve seen a Bruce Lee film while riding a bus. It’s usually Face Off / Armageddon / or some other B movie with forgettable actors and a storyline that rivals the complexities of children’s books. I have to admit too that everyone’s attention was drawn to the tube as the movie played; I’ve thought of the reasons why this is so, beyond the fact that everyone doesn’t have anything better to do while the bus raged on by the highway. I’m guessing it’s because with Bruce Lee films, it’s really cool to know that in the end, you’d always see good prevailing over evil and that if this only happened most of the time in the real world then everyone wouldn’t be glued so much to the bus TV as they are now. Oh well.

The VCD is flipped. The early scenes of Fist of Fury are shown. You see Bruce Lee alighting from a big boat along with an old man. They walk around a bit, on a sun bright path lined with thin shrubs. They get hungry so they eat by a road side eatery. A very beautiful lady serves them bowls of Chinese food goodness. Then it happens. Four guys go in and bully the lady. The camera focuses on Bruce Lee. His eyes seethe with anger. Go on Bruce, its ok. We understand. Beat them up; we’d do the same thing if we could.

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