Tuesday, August 08, 2006



I got a nice long letter the other week. whew. ok. in one square go:

1. The Love Bus was an ambitious brainchild of Imelda Marcos. It was a very popular ride back in its day due to its relative newness versus the old dilapidated aircon busses at the time. Imelda called it the “love bus” because she got inspired by the “love boat”, a TV series that was very popular in the 80’s. yeah.

2. you still need to be careful of the manyaks in the bus. They are still out there and their methods have evolved through the years.

3. cockroaches bug me too. Some days you’ll see a lone wolf crawling around the bus. Other days, you’ll see a whole brood of assorted cockroaches in varying stages of development (baby, teenager, strapping young adult, the geezer roach). The best defense against them is apathy. I’ve discovered that the more you notice them, the more they gravitate towards you. so.

4. it’s 7 because their number 1 in the local network wars. I think it’s a good ratings barometer: the more you see shows from a specific channel while riding the bus, the more odds that their numero uno in the land. needless to say, don’t forget your book/mp3 player when riding. They help maintain your sanity amidst the mindless banter of noontime game shows.

5. I get squeezed too by big hairy ape men who smell funny. There is no escape from this.

6. yes, they do forget sometimes to give change. I don’t get mad, I just let it slide. You are right to think that maybe the change you didn’t get helped them in some way. It does. The kunduktor/bus driver has a quota that must be reached per day. If they need to earn P5000 pesos and they only get P4,500, then they will shoulder from their pockets the balance of P500. life is hard for these people. Give them your sympathy and patience as much as you can. :-D

7. and yes. Commuting is the best. Never envy the rich for their cars. They are missing out on the many many fun experiences that you get everyday when riding the bus. From the mani vendor who calls you tisay, to the babies, to the tragi-comic-but-well-meaning preachers to the oldies to the loving couples to the power-nappers to the next fun adventure that waits for you every time you ride the bus. My advice, don’t keep these stories with you, share. why not start your own blog. we are not the only ones who love bus rides, and there are many out there who will love reading your bus ride adventures.

Like I said: yeah.

curiosity killed the cat:
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