Monday, November 27, 2006



You’ll never run out of things to laugh about while riding the bus. Just look and listen and your all set:

“maniii maniii… maniii kayo jan...”

”malasa malutong maraming bawang... mani kayo jan...”

”maniii maniii, maraming bawang...”

maniii, maniii kayo jan, bagong luto yan, malasa malutong...”

”maniii, maniii kayo jan... maraming bawang... marami ding maniii

I laugh by closing my mouth and exhaling in bursts through my nose. A peanut vendor with a sense of humor; you don’t get that everyday.

“maniii maniii… maniii kayo jan...”

I can’t stop smiling. I’m an idiot. Might as well buy because in the end, I’ll take more than just the peanuts; I’ll get a funny respite to an otherwise boring trip which is worth more than P5 I’ll shell out.


I hand him a P5 coin. He hands me a small brown pocket of aromatic abobong mani.

“maniii maniii… bagong luto malutong.”

I eat. And then I get thirsty. By the next bus stop, a bottled drink vendor comes. There’s a conspiracy here somewhere but I don’t mind.

curiosity killed the cat:

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