Friday, May 18, 2007



Its pure torment I tell you. I ride the bus and I’m dead hungry and the couple by my side decides to eat dinner. They open up a bag of McDonalds take out and in seconds I get a whiff of warm cheeseburger up my nose. Oh well, at least I have the peanut vendor to look forward to; or if I feel that I need some excitement, I can opt for the cashew vendor. Sheeesh. It’s a far cry versus the filling goodness of a Mickey D cheeseburger but then hey, we settle for what we can get.

And so they eat. Fries and a regular coke enter the fray. The couple, curse them, takes a full 15 minutes to finish their meal. Like I said, its pure torment. And so I blog the next best thing: “Why do people love eating inside busses?”

1. It Saves Time. The McDonalds munching couple could’ve spent 15 minutes eating in the resto, but they saved this much time eating in the bus. By the time they finished their meal, we were one third closer to their destination.

2. Boredom. It’s a cantrip line form all the peanut vendors I’ve encountered on the bus: “kain na ng mani, panglibang sa byahe”. I ask myself how on earth will I get entertained from eating peanuts. But then thinking back, I can honestly say that it works. Why just sit on the bus as you wait to get to where you are going to. Why not eat along the way and maybe have some fun chewing.

3. The Options Are Endless. I once saw a guy eat Siomai while riding the bus. He set it up like a pro. From the kalamansi pinching to the soy sauce bathing of the Siomai to the chili oil application; he ate with as much ease as you could muster when eating in a real resto. Bottom line: you can eat anything and everything imaginable on the bus. I will not be surprised if one day I see a guy eating his packed lunch as the bus rages to 120 KPH on the highway.

Admit it or not, if you’re a commuter, you have in one instance or another, eaten while riding the bus; may it be a fruit, a fast food item or some baked goodie from a family member. We are all guilty and I guess the only problem that can really come out of this is this: “Sana ako din may burger and fries.”

curiosity killed the cat:

I hate people eating on my bus, they usually leave a mess and the bus stinks for the rest of the day. And if they eat a big Mac they may even be sick before the end of the journey.
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