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There’s this veterinary clinic in the south that, with out fail, draws a smile on my face every time is see its signage:

“Animal Doctors”

Really, it should’ve been named “Doctors for Animals”. At “Animal Doctors”, you’d imagine a dog/cat/horse/goat/parrot with a stethoscope hugging its neck: “Arf! Arf! Your human has diarrhea!”

Anyway, with this line of thinking, I present the “10 Most Curious Bus Destinations of Metro Manila”

Commonwealth – Communism was born here.

Moonwalk – Found in the south, along the Alabang-Zapote road. There are 3 rumors that can be attributed to the name of Moonwalk: the first is related to Michael Jackson and the second is related to Neil Armstrong. The third rumor is this: the roads of Moonwalk have so many small potholes (craters) that they called the place Moonwalk. But then in the end, you just need to mention the name and think of Michael Jackson and snicker. Moonwalk. Heee.

FairView – A destination that’s not ugly, nor beautiful; It’s just plain “fair”.

Kamias – A bus destination made famous by the great late Ernie Baron. But this aint the reason why Kamias is a funny name for a place. It’s funny because the word Kamias sounds funny. Heee. My apologies to those who live in Kamias.

Other places that fall under the funny sounding name category are: Sampaloc and Santolan.

Mantrade – Every gay mans dream destination. MANtrade.

Kalayaan – “Paano ba mag commute papuntang Kalayaan?” Enough said.

The Projects – Found in the north, we have Projects 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. I really don’t know what happened to Projects 1 and 5. Some say Project 1 in Quezon City is really just Kamuning. There are rumors that a mythical Project 9 and 10 exists (the former is supposed to exist somewhere east of the metro, the latter in Antipolo). Anyway, I consider The Projects to be the height of the government’s lack of imagination; they could’ve thought of another name like FairView or Kamias, but instead they just settled for “The Projects”.

Estrella – Spanish for “star”; a bus ride that takes you to a star. It kinda makes you smile doesn’t it?

Kabihasnan – I know what you’re thinking: There’s a place in Metro Manila named Kabihasnan!? Yes. There is. Kabihasnan is the English word for “civilization” and it’s also a major bus destination in Parañaque. When people in the north hear about the place they laugh for the same reason I laugh at Kamias, Sampaloc and Santolan. Its just plain funny: “Hoy, sanka pupunta?” / “Sa Kabihasnan.” Heee!

Cubao Ibabaw / Ilalim – It’s a distinctly Pinoy habit of naming places after the stuff you’d see there or after the direction of the destination. Cubao Ibabaw and Cubao Ilalim are classic examples of this. We also have “Welcome Rotonda” and the ever popular “Munumento”. Thank god comfort rooms aren’t located in major thoroughfares or we’d get "Welcome Kubeta" or "Kubeta Ilalim".

Ok. I’m so sure that there are a lot more curious destinations that can be included in this list, given the many bus routes and the number of obscure corners around Metro Manila. And given all this, I really wouldn’t mind living in Estrella.

curiosity killed the cat:

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