Tuesday, September 25, 2007


eavesdropped: siksikan blues

It’s a typical morning on the bus. Then a fight behind me ensues.

Middle Aged Lady: (Sarcastically) Mama, gusto mong magpalit tayo ng upuan?

Middle Aged Dude: Ano po?

Middle Aged Lady: Eh kanina mo pa ako sinisiksik. Wala na ngang upuan sa dulo sinisiksik mo pa ako!

Middle Aged Dude: Ay pasensya na po.

(Angry exchange)

Middle Aged Lady: Eh sa kanina ko pa sinasabi na wag ka nang maniksik sinisiksik mo pa ako.

Middle Aged Dude: Ale, kung ayaw nyo po masiksik, e di mag-taxi na lang po kayo.

Middle Aged Lady: Sinabi ko na ngang wag mo akong siksikin dahil wala ng upuan sa dulo sinisiksik mo pa ako.

Middle Aged Dude: Ale, kung ayaw mong masiksik e di sana nag-taxi ka na lang!

Bold: same conversation structure repeats for two more times until:

Middle Aged Lady: Bakit mo ba ako pinagtataxi, kung may pera ako e di nag-taxi na lang ako!

Middle Ages Dude: E sa ayaw mo masiksik eh!

Truth be told, the middle aged dude had nothing to do with the lady feeling pushed to the side. They were sitting at the end bench of the bus which accommodates 6 people. With each new person who will sit, everyone on his/her side will move away from the center, thus the appearance of the middle aged guy pushing the middle aged lady to the side.

The two decide to shut up, much to my relief. I’m never good with people fighting around me. I get stressed and I don’t really know why. We reach Mantrade and the two warring middle aged folks decide to alight. And again, everything reverts back to a typical morning on the bus. Yeah.

curiosity killed the cat: www.howstuffworks.com
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