Monday, November 05, 2007



Yup, you read it right: baby bus.

Its the term everyone uses for the small busses that ply the Manila to Cavite City route and get this: back in college, we called the drivers of the baby bus the “cowboys from hell” and sometimes, in extreme cases, we called the baby bus: torpedoes. Imagine why.

Background: Last week, I was invited to the debut of the kid sister of my best pal in college. Initially, I thought: “dude, I’m a bit too old for that”, but then something pushed me to go. I’m already 30 and believe it or not, last week was the first time I have every gotten to attend a debut. And so I went, had fun, did a short dance with the debutante, and got drunk in one of the back alleys of Cavite City. Aye, fun times. Fun times ind
eed (Nert, Drei, thanks for the booze).

And mind you, last week too, after a long time, I got to ride a baby bus. It was fun:

No Conductor – you get on, you travel at break neck speeds, and you get off by pressing one of the many “stop buttons” found inside the bus. But before getting down, you go to the bus driver and han
d him your fare. If you have change, then just mention the place where you got on.

Windy – Yup. Windy. You close the baby bus’ windows using thin planks of wood that you pull up to hang by the window sill. You only use them when it is raining (using it on a sunny day looks funny and you will get some odd stares from your fellow passengers). And so, no matter what, y
ou will encounter close to storm level winds. Its fun if you don’t have long hair.

Light Show – If you’re lucky, get a ride on a baby bus at night or at dusk and you’ll be treated to a fantastic light show on the ceiling area on top of the driver. I cannot describe how you can get hours and hours of fun from just staring at the light show, you just really need to see it to believe!

Ok. In the future, if you do get to ride one of them crazy torpedoes driven by a cowboy from hell, then just . You’ll be where you want to be in no time!

curiosity killed the cat:

Was it your first time to ride a baby bus? I ride it everyday to work - sometimes, riding can be horrible, sometimes, it's just fine.

I understand why they are called "cowboys from hell" - these drivers drive like there's no tomorrow. One time, I thought I'd die just riding one of these buses. My butt literally slipped off the seat when the bus turned around a curb.

Glad you were able to have a taste of Cavite culture. :D
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