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Life is full of delays and the only way for anyone to come out happy from one is to just see it as an inevitable part of being alive. The events below happened last November 2007; it just took me a while to publish:

The bus accelerated towards the first northbound toll gate of Sky Way and as it did, the nauseating smell of burnt rubber assaulted our nostrils. Were doomed, I thought. I knew in my head tha
t we would get stalled the moment the bus decelerated. And true enough, it did. But I was in denial. I didn’t alight immediately. I told my sister to wait. The conductor might fix the dead bus and we’d all be on our way:

We wait 2 minutes. A few passengers pass our way and get down.

5 minutes. More passengers go.

8 minutes: we all go down. Screw it.

I had a meeting that day, and I was already late at the time. My sister was with me because I needed to get money from the bank for her tuition. There is no fighting this. We go to the bus conductor to get a refund. People swarm around
him waiting for the return of their fare, an old dude with his kid acted like an ass. I join the fray. After getting my cash, my sister and I ride the first bus that rumbles along. Soon we reach Makati. By this time, I was already resigned to being late for my meeting, so no rush. I went up to the office with my sister in tow and we went down and walked straight to the bank to get some cash. We meet a taho vendor along the way. I ask my sister if she wants a cup and she says yes. I get one too. The taho was really warm and I could feel it go down to my stomach. Life is good.

curiosity killed the cat: www.tellmewhyfacts.blogspot.com

Alabang-Monumento Buses, get your junk-heap on wheels fixed. We pay you to bring us to our destination cool with aircon and not to stall us and be friggin baked by your exhaust!
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